Why your business, firm & Organization needs a digital presence.

Why your business, firm & Organization needs a digital presence.

Going digital is vital for any business, firm and organization. With the global pandemic currently ongoing, you must have noticed that while most had to shut down their places of work, there are others whose businesses are still in operation and nothing much has changed. This is also because they introduced the digital way of doing things. Digital transformation has proved to be an effective method in day today’s life. Making use of technologies to enhance their interaction with customers and employees, and deliver excellent customer experience at the same time. We have listed some of the benefits of going digital below ;

  1. Easy Accessibility

This ensures that your potential customers can find your details such as contacts, emails and social media accounts easily and also connect with you while they want to find out more information about your products or services.

     2. Increased Cash Flow

You could argue that you have more customers while offline still and wondering whats all the fuss about going digital. But then the latter would give you more business and increased revenue.

    3. World wide Recognition

With going digital, your business can be anywhere at whatever time without restrictions. The world is basically your market place.

    4. Tracking your Business Progress

Whenever a business is online, it becomes easier to track its progress. You can use analytics or website tools provided from your hosting company to track clicks, views and responses of particular products or services that you offer.

   5. Content is King

This allows your business to embrace trends such as social media, search engine optimization, and display advertising or what is called content marketing.

In a nutshell, strategically going digital would ensure that you not only get online recognition but also promote technological advancement around you. Its also a key factor in today’s world as we are in a digital era. So next time you want to attract more customers in your business, Think of going digital.



Why you need a website

Why you need a website

A website is a necessity in today’s day and age, thus, not having one devalues  you or your business. Whenever one is in need of a product or service,  first thing they will do is likely to go online and search. Majority of the time, they will consider your product or service based on how you have presented it online. If you don’t have a website, potential customers and clients will have a hard time locating you because it will mean that they have to find you at your physical address and supposing you don’t have one, complicates it even the more. Below are reasons why a website will add more value to you and your business;

  1. Guaranteed Online Presence
    Customers and clients will be more informed about you and can easily access you using the information provided at your website’s contact page
  2. Improves on image   
    You will be trusted more as most of information about you or your business is in the open.
  3. Creating Awareness  
    Your products and services will be made known.
  4. 24/7 Marketing           
    A website is a tool that markets you every day without limits. Even when you are not working and are asleep, it’s able to sell your vision, services, goods and products.
  5. Makes the world a global village 
    Finally, someone in a different country or state is able to know more about you, they can actually trade with you or exchange information from where they are without moving. For E Commerce websites, one can purchase a product from online and have it shipped to wherever. Also, supposing you are moving to a different country, location, city, state or town, and want to find out how the schools, lets say for your child, or malls, restaurants, and all facilities are, you are most likely to choose based on what is presented from their websites.

So, basically those are some of the top reasons of how having a website will improve your life. If you need a website designed and developed for you, then you landed at the right page. Get in touch with us, write to us on info@wemadigital.com



Staying relevant in today’s digital world.

Staying relevant in today’s digital world.

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. This can be accredited to technology. It can be challenging to keep up with the speed of the ever changing world and so it is vital to engage in technological savvy digital methods that would give an individual and their business an upper hand.

For instance, we see that people purchase almost everything online these days. Just one click of a button from whichever part of the world you are in and bam! you have your stuff. Be it shoes, or even an insurance quote while sited comfortably at your coach sipping coffee or even lying on the beach, you can have whatever you want.

You can find any form of information about companies from online. Reviews, referrals, complains which makes it easier for consumers to settle on the provider they would like. So, with all these going on, how can you adapt to the digital world? with the right resources, tools, knowledge and practice, you can obtain new ways to connect and interact with your customers, attract potential clients to your firm or organization.

For a business, you can engage in effective content marketing strategy.This entails promoting and creating content that showcases your organizations achievement, skills and experience. You can reach those customers who are looking for your products and services through creating interesting and strong content.

By utilizing these methods and other digital resources and tools effectively, you put yourself,organization or firm in a better position to stay relevant in today’s ever changing, fast-paced digital world.

Why it’s critical to brand your business

Why it’s critical to brand your business

In today’s world, branding is one of the major aspects for a business, organization, or even people to grow and do well in their industry. You want to increase the value of your business? Then simply brand it! So what exactly does branding mean? It can be defined as establishing an image for your products or services with which customers can relate with.

       Reasons why you should brand your business

  1. 1. In order to be memorable.
    You definitely want your products or services to stick to the minds of people. No one wants to offer goods that won’t be remembered. This therefore improves recognition.
    2. Promotes Credibility
    Branding will get people to trust you. Customers and clients will always prefer to buy branded commodities and services.
    3. A brand brings in Customers
    When people can understand what you offer well, they will do business with you. Through your brand, they warm up to you and even offer referrals. This increases the value of your business.
    4. A brand is a Marketing Strategy.
    Branding is used in marketing and advertising to improve image. If you are a small time vendor but brand your business, it will make you look big, therefore improving sales and growing your entity.

These are some of the major confirmed reasons to brand yourself or business. If you are in business, or consider starting one soon, a key requirement would be to brand yourself.

Social Media as a Marketing tool

Social Media as a Marketing tool

Social media has become a valuable tool for communication in today’s modern world, It is an effective method for interaction. It’s not only used to communicate with family and friends but also for Co-prates that add to their marketing operations. Currently, customers are using social media to speak directly to their brands through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pin interest.

Also known as a form of internet marketing that entails creating and sharing information or content to create awareness and achieve higher marketing goals.

So why Social Media Marketing?

  1. Can be used to pass information
  2. Also as an educating tool
  3. Builds a brand Identity and positive brand association
  4. Sell goods and services
  5. Makes the world a global village
  6. A very effective communication and feedback forum.

If done right, social media can lead to real relationship building and also promote business growth while connecting different spheres of influence. If you have not gone the social media way, perhaps you should consider making it a part of your life!

Digital Technology in the Rural

Digital Technology in the Rural

Digital Technology has found its way not only in the urban areas but also rural therefore transforming lives. It has also promoted the art of saving time and resources by avoiding logistics costs in that one doesn’t have to travel to the city in order to acquire their needs.
This technology has influenced small towns and converted them to substantial areas. People are able to have direct access to services that were once considered a big deal to achieve years back, thanks to the internet and hunger for vast knowledge.

It has also been noted that people are now shifting together with their ideas from the city to the countryside and are implementing different skills and knowledge plus experienced learned from the city and other parts of the world, which improves the economic growth of the rural areas. Gone are the days when rural was known to be a farming territory only. Digital Technology has found its way into this sector and made tasks easier, enjoyable, faster and more productive.It has literally pulled everything in the palm of our hands.

Does Great Web design matter?

Does Great Web design matter?

This is a question asked by many people and they would also want to know why it matters how your website looks like! For starters, it does count how your website appears to be like online, in that your company will be judged based on the quality of your website. Therefore its fundamental to have a website that’s functional and user friendly.

Some of the reasons which might lead to a website being rejected are:

  1. Complicated layout
  2. Poor Navigation
  3. Too much text
  4. Unimpressive colors
  5. Pop up Ads
  6. Slow loading flash pages

These are some of the reasons why a website would be considered not good. Visual appeal together with look and feel are of essence when it comes to a website. Also key are deign of the interface.